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Президент Путин подписал распоряжение о предоставлении Российской государственной цирковой компании (Росгосцирк) из резервного фонда РФ почти 150 млн рублей на корм животным.

Соответствующее распоряжение опубликовано на официальном портале правовой информации. Согласно документу, из резервного фонда в 2020 году будет выделено 21,4 млн рублей, а в 2021 году - 128,4 млн рублей.

Минкультуры РФ ранее внесло в правительство проект распоряжения о предоставлении более 230 млн рублей частным циркам, зоопаркам, дельфинариям и океанариумам на содержание и корм животным.

Средства помогут обеспечить содержание более 50 тысяч животных, оказавшимся в тяжелом положении из-за пандемии коронавируса (цирки и зоопарки получали субсидию на поддержку минимальной заработной платы сотрудников, но не на содержание животных).

За время отсутствия спектаклей в цирках страны в последние пять месяцев убытки составили 100 млн рублей. Из этих средств 15 млн - кормление животных. Заполняемость зрительских кресел после возобновления работы цирков составила только на 50%, тогда как для самоокупаемости нужно 70%.

Реестр частных цирков и зоопарков, составленный Росгосцирком, насчитывает 106 организаций и индивидуальных предпринимателей, среди которых 45 цирков и 61 зоопарк.

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Во время анонса мобильной операционной системы iOS 14 на конференции WWDC в июне этого года компания Apple объявила что iOS 14 получит ряд инструментов для защиты приватности. Среди них были и так называемые "ярлыки конфиденциальности", обязывающие разработчиков приложений, указывать какие данные пользователя собирают их продукты и в каких целях они будут использоваться. Это касается данных, которые разработчики собирают как для себя, так и для партнеров.

Это нововведение не появилось в iOS 14 после выхода пользовательской версии OC в сентябре этого года, но теперь в Apple объявили, что предоставлять информацию о сборе данных для "ярлыков" разработчикам придется с 8 декабря.

Разработчики также должны будут постоянно обновлять информацию о типах собираемых данных. При этом им необязательно раскрывать подобные сведения, если собираемые данные не используются для отслеживания и для рекламы, их сбор нерегулярный и необязательный, пользователь сам дает разрешение на их использование в интерфейсе приложения, пишет TJ.

После появления "ярлыков" разработчики лишатся доступа к идентификатору устройств Apple для атрибуции рекламы и аналитики (IDFA) по умолчанию - им придется запрашивать у пользователей разрешение на доступ к идентификатору.

Сведения о собираемых программами данных будут доступны в магазинах приложений для iPhone и Mac, чтобы пользователи могли ознакомиться с этой информацией до скачивания и установки приложения, уточняет The Verge.

Отметим, что планы Apple сделать сбор данных приложениями более прозрачным для пользователей одобрили не все разработчики. Так, в августе соцсеть Facebook пожаловалась на ограничения отслеживания пользователей в iOS 14 и заявил, что это снизит эффективность рекламы, так как новые настройки не позволяют отслеживать пользователей в сторонних приложениях и на сайтах.

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Столичные власти заложили 93,5 млрд рублей на программу благоустройства городской среды "Моя улица" в ближайшие три года, пишет РБК со ссылкой на проект бюджета Москвы, внесенного в Мосгордуму мэром Сергеем Собяниным. В 2021-2023 годах на реконструкцию улиц планируется потратить соответственно 28,5 млрд, 33 и 32 млрд рублей.

Таким образом, сумма, заложенная на программу в 2022 году, является рекордной с 2017 года, когда на "Мою улицу" было выделено 42,2 млрд рублей. Всего на столичную программу "Развитие городской среды" за три года планируется потратить 305 млрд рублей. Рекордная за четыре года сумма, 2 млрд рублей, заложена на развитие сети общественных туалетов в 2022 году, а всего на нее планируется потратить 5,7 млрд рублей.

На развитие "единой светоцветовой среды" в Москве заложено 73 млрд рублей. На развитие безбарьерной среды для маломобильных жителей - 22,3 млрд. Больше 2 триллионов рублей отведено под развитие транспортной системы Москвы. За три года планируется построить 25 станций метро, четыре электродепо, около 272 км автомобильных дорог.

Более 858 млн рублей заложено на развитие "новых видов транспорта": средства в частности направят на обеспечение москвичей общественным прокатом велосипедов. Рекордная с 2014 года сумма (2,198 трлн рублей) выделена на развитие здравоохранения, в том числе 10 миллиардов - на вакцинацию от коронавируса. На образование на три года заложат 1,269 трлн рублей, на соцподдержку - 1,756 трлн.

Согласно проекту бюджета, московская экономика из-за пандемии коронавируса переживает самое глубокое падение с 2009 года - на 2,4% в текущем году. Однако мэрия рассчитывает на быстрое восстановление экономики и рост бюджетных расходов в ближайшие три года.

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Novak Djokovic and Sofia Kenin, the Australian Open champions, look to advance to the French Open buy atorvastatin professional 24h semifinals against familiar opposition. Apart from the 37.5mg sold online thwack of club on ball and muted conversations between players as they wander from fairway to green, the sound of golf for much of 2020 has been missing one key ingredient -- the roar of fans. The timing of "537 Votes" isn't subtle, focusing on election chaos and chicanery surrounding the 2000 Florida recount weeks before concerns about a repeat two decades later. The HBO documentary, however, provides a contextual, nuanced view -- rooted in acillin mail order payment europe the controversy over Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez -- while painting a colorful portrait of the ensuing battle, when the Democrats brought the equivalent of a strongly worded letter to a knife fight. The hits include The Chain and Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac (pictured) and Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You, as well as tunes by other artists including Kylie Minogue and Britney Spears. At the end of a purchase felodipine online shop usa turbulent campaign, the global news organization has a big role to play, with 4,000 reporters collecting vote counts from county clerks in 50 states. As news director of Radio Free Europe, he saw the Berlin Wall go up and later worked for CBS and at the Newseum in Washington. He died in the pandemic.
Taking the top podium spot overall is Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, with the Faroe Islands hot on its heels. The bronze medal goes to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. A top authority on full employment, she said a job for all may seem unrealistic, but at one time so did the right of women to vote. Whether youre looking for a new role or just trying to expand your professional network, heres how to use the websites services to your full advantage. From surfing at deserted beaches, to hanging out with wild elephants, here order ketrel payment canada are some of the top things to do in Ghana. It depends on a complicated interplay of transmission rates, no prescription order zorstat available doses and societal goals. Adesanya was pictured at the Fight Island event with an abnormally large right pectoral, and he was forced to strenuously deny rumours that he had used performance-enhancing drugs. Beloved in Italy, he was best known as the star of a TV series playing a small-town police chief. He also had a long film career and a popular one-man stage show. Maricopa County spawned the careers of Republican hard-liners like Joe Arpaio. Now the children of immigrants targeted in the states nativist crackdown are challenging G.O.P. dominance. Photographs, uncovered by the Mail, show Scottish Sean Connery - with a moustache and a glass of wine instead of James Bond's favourite tipple - as he tried his hand at directing a play.
Consumer groups have seen a surge in claims against companies or credit card providers because of Covid-related cancelled trips. More than 32,000 people asked Which? for help claiming. When is a book not a book? When it's a bit of veal skin, or a slice of bamboo or a tortoise shell? Or maybe it's got nothing to do with form and everything to do with content?
Michael Cowey, 49, (pictured) admitted to killing wife Gemma at the former site of St Andrew's Hospital in Norwich, Norfolk. He is now awaiting sentencing for the mother-of-three's death. Every week our Holiday Hero Neil Simpson takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday topic, doing all the buy sale legwork so you don't have to. This week Italy's alfresco, crowd-free attractions. Mark Meadows, Donald Trump's chief of staff, has tested positive for coronavirus along with four other White House aides in just the most recent outbreak the administration tried to keep quiet. On the 150th anniversary of Charles Dickenss death, Robert Gottlieb considers a new book, The Mystery of Charles Dickens, by A.N. Wilson, and delivers his own assessment of the authors legacy. Australia's central bank has warned workers that it may be several years before they see a pay rise, as the economic recovery from the Covid-19 crisis continues price atopica uk to bite. The Love Island starput on a busty display in the half-unzipped knit and short ribbed skirt, which hugged her surgically-enhanced frame She became a star as a percussionist and bandleader in the swing era. But her call for the big bands to hire women instrumentalists during World War II had little impact. Mexican authorities have captured a man wanted for his purported connection to the massacre of three Mormon mothers and their six children last epogen online in spain year. The masterpiece formoterol generic online mastercard was created by food artist Michelle Wibowo, using a staggering 16,074 individual triangles. The outlook has not been much better for basketball than football. I wouldnt use the word disaster because that would be too light a term, Seton Hall Coach Kevin Willard said. Tim Parker described the Black Lives Matter campaign as a 'human rights movement with no party political affiliations' in a statement that risks alienating the Trust's 5.6 million members. The partial skeleton, from the Iron Age, was discovered by builders under a large tecta uk prices boulder on the 48-year-old tycoon's 18,000-acre Eriboll Estate, in Sutherland. New measures would slow down the flow of information and make election misinformation less visible, according to people with knowledge of the matter. At the moment, the world of travel is bewildering thanks to face masks and Covid testing. Yet there is a silver lining bargain-basement holiday prices. Here are some of the best winter-sun deals... Rupert Murdochs tabloid has turned critical as the president seems headed to defeat. Col Allan, a wizard there, says he plans to retire next year. Doug DeMuro has a strong following for his giddy videos about exotic and quirky cars. Cars  Bids, his order lipitor pharmacy otc new site, got off to a roaring start.
Victory price seroflo indication on either Ralph Beckett-trained New Mandate in the Juvenile Turf or Wesley Ward's Campanelle in the Juvenile Fillies Turf would be a 15th for the 49-year-old at the meeting. An article (March 1) How Matt Lucas learned to laugh again caused great upset to Mr Lucas which we did not intend and regret. The article on Mr Lucas return to public life following the tragic death of Kevin McGee suggested he had ignored Kevins calls, became a virtual recluse, and hosted a birthday party generic fenofibrate order payment europe to move on. We accept this was not the case and apologise to Mr Lucas.
An excerpt purchase risedronate price from To Be a Man, by Nicole Krauss
Cora led Boston to a World Series title in 2018, but he was suspended as part of the Houston Astros cheating scandal. The 43-year-old suspect was taken into custody on Monday night buy curacne bit coin in Wixom, the Detroit suburb where the shootings began. President Donald Trump 's highest-ranking black official, Ja'Ron Smith, has left his job becoming the first White House departure post-Election Day
The era of outrage took a timeout as Steven Cohen took over the Mets, Alex Cora was rehired mucomyst can i order visa by the Red Sox and Justin Turner escaped punishment for a controversial on-field celebration. Mexican authorities have captured buy cyclosporine manila a man wanted for his purported connection to the massacre of three Mormon mothers and their six children last year.
The grim prediction comes after tennis ball-sized hail lashed south-east Queensland last week. The answers to all your 2020 pandemic wedding dilemmas.
For years, the US has held itself up as an arbiter of sorts for the democratic process around the world, President Trump's attempts to delegitimize the vote could change that. A festival In crixivan 1mg online canada Kazanlak, Bulgaria, in June will celebrate the Damask rose grown in the country.
Hoffenheim players showed their support for team-mate Ryan Sessegnon during their game against Slovan Liberec after the winger revealed that he had received racist abuse. Former Vice President Joe Biden is relentlessly piling up votes in Western battlegrounds Nevada and Arizona and in the "blue wall" state of Pennsylvania, moving ever how to order now metronidazole-gel closer to finalizing the path to 270 electoral votes that he needs to win the presidency.
Iain McKenchnie and colleagues from theHakai Institute in British Columbia, Canada, examined the records of more than 170,000 canine bones dug up at 210 sites in the Pacific northwest.
Its reviews have the power to make or break a restaurant, and even though many fine dining venues are facing closure, Michelin says it has no ordering pimozide online safe plans to stop publishing its guides. An Italian designer shared concept images for an air taxi called KITE. The craft pulls inspiration from a private jet and would carry up to four people avelox online pharmacy reviews in a post-pandemic world. The players tentatively approved a shortened 2020-21 season that will begin Dec. 22, giving top teams little time to recover from the last campaign. The final instalment of Smith's seasonal quartet dovetails the bang up-to-date story of a brother and sister during the Covid-19 lockdown. Inter Milan's CEOBeppe Marotta has cheap ditropan order canada expressed his desire to sign at least two new players during the January transfer window. Therefore, Antonio Conte is looking to reunite with the Chelsea trio. Instead, private money would be used to keep people in work. Firms on the brink of failure would be offered cheap eight-week commercial loans to stay afloat. Rumours of a 'cat fight' between AFL star Gary Rohan and one of his Geelong Cats teammates have been reported in the wake of his break-up with wife Amie. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the broadcast networks said they would take a prudent approach on election night  and they largely kept their word. The Indian Ocean was once home to ancient supervolcanoes that erupted for 30 million years and researchers believe it was a magma 'conveyor belt' that fueled the explosive events. The president and his aides have been critical of the cable network that includes some of his most ardent media allies. MARTIN KEOWN -INSIGHT Diogo Jota joined Liverpool in the summer knowing he would not walk into this team. Jurgen Klopp's front three seemed set in stone but he is pushing them hard.
A heavy fine, but no suspensions, came after two dozen players and staff members tested positive for the virus. Carmen Herreras new show, serums for your skin  and more.
These new works from Tomi Ungerer, Sophie Blackall and Christian Robinson are realistic and  without being soppy  filled with hope. The Mail On Sunday's T.d. Isacke checked into The Three Daggers in Wlitshire, which dates back to 1750. Today the pub has three bedrooms with a 'clever mix of modern and traditional'. It is so much to the credit of this memoir that its dissonant materials of family tragedy and Hollywood gossip make an apparently seamless whole. Eva Green plays an astronaut and single mother in this disappointingly earthbound drama. Boasting spectacular views over the city, the duplex at 88 Central Park is where the star lived for more than half a century and died this July, aged 95. Dan Dunning, whose father was Holm's third husband, told the New York Times 'She loved it because of the view of the park and the way she felt involvement with the seasons, just by looking through her windows.
As the father daughter duo enjoyed the fresh air, the31-year-old singer debuted his buzz cut, which he  dyedhot pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness diurin to purchase Month. Joe Biden also pulled ahead in Georgia, and maintained leads in Nevada and Arizona. President Trump and his team weighed legal options, but lawsuits cheap covihalt online low cost this week have had no meaningful effect on the tabulation of ballots. After Kendall Jenner was order online lotrisone payment slammed for throwing a big 25th birthday bash on Halloween, her mother Kris Jenner said her family is "really responsible and we make sure that everyone in our family and our closest friends are tested religiously" for the coronavirus. Back in 1904, all you had to do to learn the outcome was stick your head out your window. Efforts to limit global warming often focus on emissions from fossil fuels, but food is pripsen to order in usa crucial, too, according to new research.


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What Is The Most Important Information I Should Know About Betamethasone?  Prevalence of indicators and symptoms in measles, rubella, scarlet fever, and exanthem subitum. The use of methylprednisolone by subconjunctival injection just isn't really helpful as it may be associated with unpleasant granuloma formation following administration. Store at room temperature between 2 and 30 levels C . Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Use of betamethasone inpregnant women has not been studied. Dogs medicine prevent seborrheic dermatitis.  When given by injection, anti-inflammatory effects begin in around two hours and final for seven days.Some months later, because of persistent arthritis, he obtained an additional injection of betamethasone dipropionate into his right ankle.Corticosteroids shouldn't be stopped and the dose might need to be increased.On this event, the betamethasone hiccups resolved after 2 weeks, following treatment with levomepromazine.into his right ankle, and the day after had hiccups that lasted for 24 hours and then resolved without remedy.  How To Use  betamethasone Betamethasone online payment purchase. Shake betamethasone and clotrimazole lotion properly just earlier than every use. CVS.comВ® just isn't out there to clients or patients who are positioned exterior of the United States or U.S. territories. TheArthritis TodayDrug Guide is supposed for training – not self-medicating.How long does it take for clotrimazole tablet to dissolve? Clotrimazole lozenges should be held in the mouth and allowed to dissolve slowly and completely. This may take 15 to 30 minutes.
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